Elliptical Trainer SF-E905 with Hand Pulse Monitoring System

Elliptical Trainer SF-E905 with Hand Pulse Monitoring SystemElliptical Trainer SF-E905 with Hand Pulse Monitoring System by Sunny Health & Fitness Review

The Elliptical Trainer SF-E905 is a top rated piece of fitness equipment that comes in a small package. The machine will give you a great workout and is very easy to use. Assembling it is easy enough, once you get it out of the box. The stability of this machine is actually quite amazing and really testifies to a solid design from the engineers.

Elliptical fitness equipment, specifically the Elliptical Trainer SF-E905, offers a gentler method of getting in your cardio training when compared to other fitness equipment alternatives. Treadmills have been around for a long time and always seem to offer the same basic sets of features. This elliptical trainer on the other hand takes the same basic motion of the treadmill and by their very nature reduce the joint-banging impact of exercise to a minimum. If you’ve suffered from any kind of knee injury, like I have you’ll really enjoy how smooth and painfree the movement of this trainer.

Comparing ellipticals to treadmills is a simple matter of impact. Replace the turning treadmill belt with a set of swing-arm foot pedals. Using an elliptical will soften the blow to your knees, ankles and lower back since your feet don’t ever leave the footpads.

One of the better ellipticals in the – under $200 price is the Elliptical Trainer SF-E905. A rear-drive elliptical made to be compact in proportions while extremely durable in engineering. The feet rests are adjustable to accomodate various stride lengths. Although not at all something you’d want to improve each time, most users find a distance that is wonderful for themselves as well as others in the same home. The machine weighs about about 220 pounds. Disadvantage – kind of a pain setting it up to the 3rd floor if you are moving it up steps. Upside – less motion during heavy exercise.


Dual hand-grips and a silky smooth rear-drive motion keeps both your upper and lower body engaged throughout the workout. Arms tired Take a quick break by grabbing onto the stationary handles in the center. A generous set of 12 programs will keep you physically entertained. A unique feature on the 985 elliptical is the 4 user profiles that will help your family all setup their own profile and start exercising faster on each workout.


The modern, low power consumption LED display keeps you informed while you’re sweating your brains out. Big numbers eagerly display all the relevant data you’d expect – pulse, time, speed. The 985 Is also compatible with a heart rate chest strap that Lifecore sells as an optional accessory.

Elliptical Trainer SF-E905 offers a full 3 year warranty on parts – one of the best in the fitness industry. Seemingly small differences like sealed ball bearings make this elliptical an outstanding choice for someone considering a home fitness machine to purchase. The specialized materials used in constructing the primary drive belt, Flexonic to be precise, are guaranteed not to stretch.

The Elliptical Trainer SF-E905 sells for under $200 and is highly rated by several consumer reporting sites. Customer satisfaction on this machine appears to be very high. Owners of any Lifecore products will find that any product warranty repairs or parts are taken care of very quickly and easily.

Consumer magazines and fitness industry experts agree – The Elliptical Trainer SF-E905 offers a hard to beat combination of quality, durability and effectiveness in an elliptical you’ll get lots of miles out of over the years you spend with it in your home.

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