Fitness Reality X-Class 710 Bluetooth Smart Technology Elliptical Trainer Review

Fitness Reality X-Class 710 Bluetooth Smart Technology Elliptical Trainer The Fitness Reality X-Class 710 Bluetooth Smart Technology Elliptical Trainer gives you a quality exercise equipment for those seeking a cardiovascular and strength workout. Elliptical trainers are the best choice for individuals seeking a low impact workout.

The elliptical trainers simulate stair climbing, walking and cycling movements. The circular motion used for simulation eases the strain placed on the back, knees and other joints of the body.

While standing upright on the X-Class 710 Elliptical Trainer, the individual will apply pressure to the foot pedals to begin the circular motion. The trainer may also place their hands on the handlebars to achieve an upper body workout as well. Because the workout is low impact, trainers may enjoy watching television, reading a book or listening to music while exercising.


The X-Class 710 Elliptical Trainer is the latest in the products line and it is made with the highest quality materials.

Here are some of its features



The oval steel frame is very heavy but it is specifically engineered to be strong and sturdy, the design takes into mind the stylish requirements of today’s modern fitness buff.


A good feature of this trainer is the wheels at the back making it easier to move around the house. The downside is, since the unit is so heavy, it is not recommendable to move it around too much, after all 154 pounds is a lot of weight.


Peddles and Resistance:


It has 24 resistance levels and no pedal adjustments. Most commercial grade elliptical trainers have less than 24 resistances, so you’ll be sure to get a wide range to choose from. Take note, most high end elliptical trainers have 16-24 resistance levels, and those cost a lot more than 649 dollars.


However, there are no peddle adjustments, but the X-Class 710 Elliptical Trainer has oversized peddles, so however large the person is’ he can be accommodated. Its 19-inch elliptical stride is also an improvement to allow any person of any size to be able to use it.




Display/control panel


The LED display panel has readouts for RPM, speed, watts, distance, time, pulse, heart rate, calories, metabolic equivalents, resistance level and target heart rate, a lot more than the usual display.






It has 20 preset programs to keep everyone happy, this includes, fat burning, manual, random, metabolic equivalent program, strength, fitness level test and target heart rate.




Best feature: Heart rate monitor


The unit has a heart rate monitor which takes note and is wireless! It also has hand pulse sensors, that way the machine can be programmed to keep up with your heart and not the other way around.


Its sturdiness is something that gets people attention. In fact, its quality is comparable to the quality of the exercise machines that you find in professional gyms. The fact that it has been designed to hold a person weighing up to 354 pounds gives you an idea of its solidity


All The X-Class 710 Elliptical Trainers have lifetime warranties for the frame and the brakes, aside from that it also includes a parts and electronics warranty for two years and a one-year labour warranty, and for a mid-range price that’s already saying something.

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