Total Gym 1000

The total gym 1000 is one of the earliest models of the total gym home fitness equipment range.Highly advertised on the infomercial channels worldwide with demonstrations by chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley this gym equipment  claims to tighten and tone various parts of your body using this one piece of home fitness equipment.

The basic concept behind the total gym fitness equipment is that of a “sliding incline board” whose angle is adjustable such that you can increase the resistance as you use (primarily) your own body weight to strengthen various muscles

The Total Gym 1000 is meant for overall fitness, and will not build the rippling muscles you see on the late night television commercials in just a few weeks of use. It does help you strengthen and tone every major muscle group, and provides good stability for your workouts.

For the most part, this series of equipment requires little or no assembly, which is great for someone who wants a quick workout out of the box. Moreover, the Total Gym  has been around since the early nineties, which would indicate some level of customer satisfaction with the product.


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The features of the total gym

The Total Gym 1000 home fitness equipment features a multifunction attachment for pull-ups that work the upper back, shoulders and biceps and a leg pulley that works the inner thighs, hamstrings and hips. Six calibrated levels allow for 6 – 48% body weight resistance, and the system’s folding design provides quick and efficient storage.

  • Offers more than 60 different exercises, including cardio, strength training and stretching
  • Delivers a total body workout in just 10 – 20 minutes
  • Multifunction attachment for pull-ups that work the upper back, shoulders and biceps
  • Leg pulley works the inner thighs, hamstrings and hips
  • 6 calibrated levels allow for 6 – 48% body weight resistance
  • Black metal handles
  • Steel frame
  • Folding design for quick and efficient storage
  • Transport wheels allow you to move the system easily from room to room

The Total Gym 1000 is a compact, efficient trainer that replaces an entire gym of equipment. The total gym  is an excellent machine for cardio and strength training for beginners.There are attachments that you can purchase if you want more advanced training for your thigh area


Pros and cons of the total gym 1000


  • Compact design.
  • Low impact.
  • Weight training without free weights.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Multiple accessories included.


  • Not available on the official website.
  • Claims not supported by scientific research.
  • Exercises could present difficulty for individuals without prior experience.
  • Not ideal for individuals taller than average.

Although the Total Gym 1000 is a great low-impact home gym, the machine is not ideal for individuals of all sizes. The 250 lb. weight limit excludes a portion of dieters looking for a quality home gym to assist in their weight loss regimen. The Total Gym 1000 is not ideal for individuals taller than average. Someone taller than 6 feet will not be able to perform the majority of the exercises, simply because their legs extend past the glide board.

Fully extended, the Total Gym 1000 takes up 7 feet by 4 feet. Folded, the product takes up 4 feet by 12 inches. Although the Total Gym  is compact, the product is slightly heavier than previous models. At 68 lbs., the product is quite awkward when attempting to fold.

Good news while the total gym 1000 still works it has now been replaced with total gym 1100 with added benefits and features.Click here to learn more

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Pricing and Recommendation

There are a number of different models  in the total gym home fitness equipment,ranging in price from one hundred fifty dollars to one thousand five hundred dollars. For the average user, though, a basic model will fit your needs. Reviews indicate that you will not be getting more for your money if you pay for one of the higher end models.The total gym 1000 can be purchased from from various sellers.With some sellers offering free shipping depending where you live.There are other sellers out there that stock the total gym 1100 but be sure to do some research to make sure these are legitimate sellers offering the authentic product and not an inferior copy.

The total gym 1000 is at the low cost range of total gym home fitness equipment so is ideal if you are on a budget and just starting out.There are also more complex machines for the more experienced fitness fanatic and for those with more space.By purchasing the total gym  you are making a positive investment to your health and fitness but with any new fitness regime be sure to consult your doctor before you begin any new home fitness program.


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