Total Gym 1700

1700 1The Total Gym 1700  gives you  everything you need to start your own workout program to tone and strengthen the important muscle groups of your upper and lower body.if you need to take off a few extra pounds from the privacy of your living room, then you have found what you are looking for with the total gym 1700.

The Total Gym 1700  is a home workout tool based on previous models from Total Gym. It works by lying down on a sliding board and pulling yourself in different directions with pulleys. The equipment is pre-assembled, delivered in one piece, supposedly easy to store, and priced at about $500. This equipment boasts about its variety of possible workouts  and it comes with a video to teach you how to do them. The Total Gym 1700  is designed to work out your major muscles. However, no weights come with the product (though, if bought separately, they can be used with this machine). The product uses your own body weight as resistance instead of free weights. The problem with this is that after a few months of working out, you are ready for more resistance.

The people who find this product helpful are people who are only somewhat serious about working or who are not used to working out. This product is not for athletes or people who are working on body sculpting. This product is tailored for the dieter who wants to loose 20 lbs. or less and wants start a healthier lifestyle.

total gym 1700

Total gym 1700 Features

  • ·         Pilates Bar
  • ·         Helps improve your range of motion and balance
  • ·         Allows you to add up to 75 lbs. of additional free weights
  • ·         Dip Bars & Press-Up Bars
  • ·         Complete resistance mechanism that helps you maximize strength
  • ·         Resistance Levels
  • ·         Six levels: 6% to 50% of bodyweight
  • ·         Large Glide Board, 13″ x 40″
  • ·         Offers comfort while working out
  • ·         Wider Tower
  • ·         Provides added stability
  • ·         Auto-Lock Height Adjustment
  • ·         Adjusts to any user’s height
  • ·         Exercise Flip Chart
  • ·         Makes it easy to follow and track your exercise regime
  • ·         Easy Assembly and Storage
  • ·         Folds easily and fits under a bed or in a closet
  • ·         Exercise Mat
  • ·         Protects your floor and keeps your Total Gym secured
  • ·         Maximum Weight Capacity 275 lbs


Although some manufacturers might include extra accessories as part of a package deal, there’s a standard set of accessories that come with the 1700 models. This includes a Pilates toe bar, dip bars, a wing attachment for pull-ups and leg curls, press-up bars, a leg cuff attachment and a workout manual that mounts on top of the vertical support.




  • Work outs are designed to be done in a short amount of time.
  • Equipment is designed to keep your floors from being scratched.
  • Eliminates the need to go to a gym, which saves money.
  • Does not require free-weights which can be hard to store and move.


  • The equipment is heavy to move.
  • Some exercises are awkward due to the sliding bench.
  • You have to buy an additional Pilates reformer exercise routine.
  • Wheels on the bottom of the machine are easily broken.
  • Some customers say they had trouble with the customer service department.
  • The sliding board tends to jump the track at times.


Pricing and recommendations

Total Gym pricing fluctuates wildly depending on which outlet you buy through. But the 1700 and 1800 Club models both retail for around the same price point, between $350 and $450 as of September 2010. You can expect to find the 1700 Club at reduced prices as it’s gradually phased out in favor of the 1800. Both models come with a 1-year limited warranty.

total gym 1700 


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